Welcome Teachers to TCT!

At TeachersConnectTeachers.com and TCTHub.com (herein referred to as TCT), we provide an environment for teachers where they can connect and socialize with teacher colleagues from around the world. So, even though there is no oversight (which is a good thing!) by a school board, school district, provincial, state, or federal Ministry of Education, we want teachers to feel safe and secure that any information they provide will stay within the TCT site and will not be sold, shared, or given to any third party. No teacher will ever be disciplined for expressing themselves in blogs, forums, or any other form of communication on TCT. In other words, we want our own secured “teacher world” where we can give our opinions, share ideas, sell teacher created products to each other, all without having to go through our employer for approval (usually a school board or a private school board of directors). You are free at last to vent, express ideas, communicate, collaborate and create with any teacher on the planet! Now that should be a breath of fresh air!
In order to achieve this, we must set some Terms and Conditions for all of us to abide by. They are: 1) All products sold must be created by the seller and they must give implied consent that the product is not copied from another author, book, TCT Seller, or any other third party copyrighted material.

2) Products or resources (files, videos, physical goods, used or new, or any other “hard” or “soft” goods) for Sale by our Sellers (Gold or Platinum Members are Sellers) remain the property of the Seller and TCT has no liability with regard to the products’ originality. We trust that our Sellers will be honest (after all, you are Teachers and carry inherent trust as true professionals) and will only upload items for sale that are truly created by them.

3) All our Terms of Service are inherently agreed to by using the site and apply to all forms of the TCT site, whether on a computer, mobile device, App, or any other electronic platform.

4) By using our Site Services, you are agreeing to follow the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy of your state or province, and agree to the Seller Fees and Payout Rates set forth by our Membership (Registration) description, and any and all policies which are part of these or any other Revised Terms in the future.

5) When purchasing a lesson or other electronic resource, you may print and copy the resource(s) for your students, however, you may not distribute the resource to other teachers without the expressed written permission of the Seller from whom you obtained the item. You are encouraged to direct other teachers to the TCT Site so that they may have the opportunity to view and purchase a particular lesson or any of the many other lessons which are for sale (lots of Free Lessons available too!)

6) If you choose to join TCT, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you register for an account, it is implied that you are the minimum required age (18 years old) or above.

7) Please provide true and accurate information upon registration. You can use an alias (sometimes called an Avatar) for users to see, but the contact and billing information must be true for the site to pay you your split portion of m

10) Your account will have a Username. Please use an appropriate Username. Any Username which would be inappropriate or offensive to use in your classroom will be deemed inappropriate to use on TCT.

11) All transactions on the site will be in US dollars. This includes registration subscriptions (Platinum Sellers only, Basic Users and Gold Sellers are Free), purchases of resources, Sellers commissions and any other exchange of money between Buyers and Sellers.

Membership Types

Basic User (Free!):

This “buyer” membership allows the user to purchase any items on the website and participate fully in all the sites features such as blogs, forums, ratings, request custom products, chat with other teachers (Teacher Talk) and any other features the site offers.
So why join instead of just browsing and purchasing from the site anonymously? It’s because joining allows you to be seen by other members and also allows the site to keep track of your history of purchases, blogs, settings and all the wonderful features we offer.

Gold Seller (Free!)

This free “seller” membership allows you to have all the features of a basic user and also grants you your own “store” so you can begin to create and sell your own teacher authored products and earn money!
The split between in sales revenue is 75% for the seller and 25% for TCT. A great way to get paid every month and supplement your teacher salary using the lessons you already create!

Platinum Seller ($49.99 per Year)

This “seller” membership allows all the great features of a Gold Seller but increases the % split of the revenue from your store to 90%! Yes, you get to keep 90% of your sales and TCT will keep 10%. This allows you to earn much more money each month and is well worth the annual subscription. If you decide to go back to a Gold “seller” once your subscription is up for annual renewal, it’s simple and easy!
If you’re a Basic or Gold user and ever want to upgrade to a Platinum “Seller”, it’s just 1-click away! NOTE: If you decide to browse the site anonymously, you will be allowed to purchase whatever you please, but other options such as blogs and access to the Teachers’ Lounge will not be accessible to a user who is not a member (or a member who is not signed-in). Since a signed in member will have all their history saved (in MyTCT) as well as having access to all the
features in the Teachers Lounge and more, membership really does have its privileges!!

Purchaser Fees

When a user (member or not) purchases a resource from TCT, there may or may not be sales tax involved. This depends on the purchaser’s place of residence and on the minimum amount of the purchase. In most cases, sales tax will not be applied but state or federal laws may require it in certain cases. All monies, as stated earlier, are transacted in US dollars. There will be a 25 cent transaction fee charged for each lesson or resource purchased which will go to TCT and this will be listed on the listing of items sold which can be printed by the seller.

Buyer and Seller Transactions

All transactions will go through PayPal and no financial information will be held by TCT. All transactions are secure and no credit card information will not be stored on the TCT site. The TCT site will be secure with a continuous level of security being upgraded as technology is improved.
Sellers will get paid once a month through PayPal. They will be able to monitor their sales as well as see their commissions accumulating through their dashboard.
Sellers are responsible for paying any other State, Provincial, or Federal Income Tax, Sales Tax or any other tax that they may be subject to as a result of their sales though the TCT site.
The Buy/Sell/Trade portion of TCT, which is available through the Teacher’s Lounge, is a service which connects the buyer and seller and no financial transaction in this feature will go through TCT. The Buy/Sell/Trade section is designed to allow teachers to sell individual items through a Teacher “classified” section to other teachers on TCT by means of a “blind email” system. This means that the buyer and seller can email each other through the TCT site without disclosing their personal email address. Each person will login to the TCT site to send and receive their email responses for the Buy/Sell/Trade section.

TCT Relationship to Users and Sellers

By using the TCT site, whether as a non-registered user, Basic Member, Gold or Platinum Seller, this does not create an employment, partnership, or contactor relationship between you and the TCT site.
The TCT site does not act as an agent for any member, registered or not.

Closing Your Account

TCT may close or suspend an account, for any reason, at any time, with or without notice. Any registered member may close or suspend their account, at any time, with or without notice to TCT.
You can close your account through MyTCT or by contacting us through the “Contact Us” link. A person may not close another person’s account.
After your account is closed, you’ll no longer have access to your Account information, past purchases, uploaded Resources, and many of the features under MyTCT. If you close your Account on your own, you can reopen your Account anytime by logging in again. If you’d like for TCT to close your Account so that it cannot be reopened upon login, please send an email via “Contact Us”.
Communications you’ve posted (such as comments, blogs, forums) on the TCT site will not be removed if your Account is closed.
If you’re a Gold (Free Seller) or Platinum Member ($49.99/year Subscription) Seller, any Resources you’ve posted will no longer be searchable and your Resource pages will not be available to Users, however your paid Resources remain accessible to the Accounts of Members who have previously purchased them.
We may change, suspend, or discontinue offering our Services at any time (this could occur when improvements or updates to the website are made). Any suspension or discontinuation in our Services may mean that that your Account, including any Resources or other materials you may have purchased from our Services, and any Resources or Communications you may have uploaded to our Services, may not be available to you or to other Users. TCT is not liable to you for any impact a change, suspension, or discontinuation of our Services may have including the loss of access to any Resources that you’ve purchased, or loss of income from your temporary or permanent inability to sell Resources through the TCT site.

Appropriate Content Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when producing lessons for Sale, commenting on other Teachers’ items for sale, writing or commenting on a blog, forum, or chatting (using Teacher Talk) with another teacher, or posting anything on TCT, or communicating through the Buy/Sell/Trade section, or accessing any features in the Teachers Lounge.

1) Profanity will not be tolerated. The comment or post of any item using profanity (and possibly the account) will be removed. Remember, if it is a word that you wouldn’t use in your classroom, please do not use it on the TCT site.
2) Fake items, postings or ratings will also be removed from the TCT site.
3) Any harassing of another member will not be tolerated and the harasser will be banned from the site.
4) No links to any other external site should be posted, except in the section for “Educational Conferences” are listed (Teachers Lounge), for the sole purpose of allowing other members to register for a conference and obtain more information about Teacher Conferences and Professional Development.
5) In the Chat Room (Teacher Talk), please keep the language and topics appropriate, just as you would (we hope) in the Teachers Lounge within your actual school.
6) Provide appropriate content in your lessons (for sale) with respect to the grade that it is being written and promoted.
7) Please do not provide feedback on your own resources. TCT wants to provide integrity to all the comments and feedback from teacher colleagues who have actually purchased or viewed the items for sale.
8) TCT reserves the right to remove any content that it feels is inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, comments and ratings, blogs, forums, postings of any kind, email between teachers, and lesson content.
9) Any purchaser who is not satisfied with any item that they purchased may request a refund from the Seller. It is strongly encouraged that Sellers honor the purchasers’ for a full refund.
10) TCT expects that each individual Seller and other members will monitor their own content. If there is a complaint regarding content, TCT will assess the content in question and make a decision as to whether the content should be removed and whether to issue warnings, suspensions or termination of another Members’ account.
11) Members own and maintain the rights to their own content with the implied understanding that TCT is providing the framework under which their content is marketed, promoted, and sold. TCT is not responsible for the content itself (except for the content it produces), only for the electronic representation of the content for which buyers and sellers search and view it.