How do I open a store (and become a Teacher Seller) on TeachersConnectTeachers?

You must register as a Gold Seller Membership (Free) or as a Platinum Seller Membership ($49.99 annually). You will automatically have access to your store once you’ve signed up for one of these Memberships. The difference between the 2 Memberships is that a Gold Seller allows you to keep 75% of your sales (minus a 25 cent transaction fee per order) while a Platinum Seller allows you to keep 90% of your sales (and no transaction fee per order).

How do I upload Lessons to my store?

Using the MyTCT pulldown, select Vendor Dashboard, then select ADD PRODUCT and fill in the information as asked, then upload your file for the lesson or unit.

How do I get paid when people purchase my lessons?

You must register with PayPal upon signing up to be a Gold or Platinum Seller. The money from your sales will be deposited into your PayPal account. This is also how you will pay for products that you purchase, although you can just use a credit card without signing up for a PayPal account to make purchases. As a reminder, all transactions on TCT are in US dollars.

Does TeachersConnectTeachers (TCT) handle my credit card information?

TeachersConnectTeachers (TCT) does not handle your credit card information. It is all handled through PayPal so there is no security risk at all through TCT (although we take security very seriously and our site has many security precautions).

What is my Dashboard for?

Your Dashboard allows you to see your products, add/edit products, keep track of earnings, orders and your profile. It basically allows you to manage your store seamlessly from one location.

How do I Post an item (to Buy/Sell/Trade, Conferences, Forum, Jokes for Your Classroom)?

To Post anything, you need to use your MyTCT pulldown, select Create a Post, then fill in the information on the form that you would like to Post. There will be a pulldown within this form which will allow you to select where the Post will appear (Buy/Sell/Trade, Conferences, Forum, Jokes for Your Classroom).

Can I switch Membership Types without having to Register as a New User again?

Yes, simply go to MyTCT, select My Account and then choose your New Membership Type.

You will not have to go through the Registration Process again. It is simple, hassle-free and intuitive to switch Membership types at anytime.

Can I cancel my Membership at any time?

Yes, however, you will have to send us an email through “Contact Us” and TCT will delete your membership from the system. An administrator is necessary to do this action, therefore an email is required.

Is everything FREE TO USE on the site, including having my own store?

Yes, everything is totally FREE to use. The only fee is for Members who choose the Platinum Membership ($49.99/yr) and the revenue split on sales between the Sellers (Gold and Platinum Members) and TCT.

There is never a cost to use the Buy/Sell/Trade or any of the Teachers’ Lounge features that are available to all registered users. Of course, there are also lots of Free Lessons available for download from various sellers too! We know that teachers pay for enough things in the education world (union dues, associations, courses) that all the features on this site are designed to be free, except when you choose to purchase a lesson from a fellow teacher (which is beneficial to you and them!)

Is my information Private on the site or do you sell it?

We do not collect or sell any information to any third party. We may send you an occasional email, but that is only to remind you of new features or lessons available on TCT.

We will also send you a newsletter, if you opt-in of course.

What if the lesson I’m searching for is not found? What can I do to get a lesson on this topic?

Simply click on Request a Lesson on the bottom left corner of the homepage. Fill-in the form and you will be notified if a Seller creates and uploads a lesson for your requested topic.

Perhaps a Seller will see your request and decide to email you, suggesting a lesson that is close to (or overlapping) the topic for which you are searching. Almost all the time, another TCT teacher colleague will aim to help you, in some way, with your request.

What is the Suggestion Box link at the bottom of the page for?

The Suggestion Box is a way of letting us know if you have an issue with something on the site, if there is an error on one of the pages, or if you simply want to suggest an improvement or request that a new feature be added to the site. We may not be able to accommodate every suggestion, but we will do our best! (just like when your students make suggestions in your class, right?)

Is my real email address ever displayed on TCT?

No, your email address is not displayed to other users (unless you choose to give it to them). However, TCT needs to know your real email address to verify that you are not a robot and so that we can send you notifications, newsletters, and special offers. All the email messages between users is what we call “Blind Email”. This means that both users must email each other through TCT, without seeing each other’s outside email addresses. This protects all our users with regards to their private emails while allowing them to connect with any teacher around the world.

What if I see something offensive on the site?

If you do, notify us immediately using and we will remove it. We work hard to uphold the integrity of the site, so we appreciate receiving notification when anything inappropriate is posted by our users. TCT reserves the right to remove any post, lesson, or the account of any member if they violate the rules of the site.

What if I post something and it doesn’t appear immediately on the TCT site?

We try to review every post before it gets published. This takes an actual human to read the post and sometimes a delay might occur before it is shown on the site. Usually this delay is barely noticeable, but depending on the site traffic and the time that the post is created, there could be a small lag until it appears.