How to Create a Great Lesson


Learning how to “Create a Great Lesson” is the key to attracting other teachers to your store and giving them the desire to purchase your lessons. Outlined below are key steps in creating an effective store where your lessons will stand out and generate interest from other teachers (and generate sales).

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Make sure to create a thumbnail image (think of it as a title page for your lesson) that is catchy and will clearly reflect the contents of the lesson.

The best way to do this is

  • Use an image that has a graphic element.
  • Customize the thumbnail image with text and graphics that relate to your personalized lesson (without your name on it so teachers can use it without modification)

How do you do this?

Images can be obtained free from Google Images, sites such as Pixels and other places on the web where Free Images are available to use (make sure that if it’s from a site that charges for the image, you obtain the rights to use it or else their might be a watermark on the image)

The best site to create a thumbnail image where you can customize it directly is CANVA.COM or CREATIVEMARKET.COM. These are sites that specialize in making images where you can add text and other graphics. Canva even have a special area on their site for teachers where they make the process simple and easy as pie.

Make sure to save your image as a .png or .jpg as these are the most common and accepted formats. Although will accept most other file formats too.

Save all your images on your PC or cloud storage as you can modify them later to make new thumbnails for new lessons. This will help you create thumbnails for all your lessons quickly and easily.

Of course, if you are good at photoshop or want to use an image from Powerpoint or some other program, that will work as well!


Make sure your lesson content is thorough and it is better to overdeliver on the pages and activities. Include tests and answer guides, worksheets for the students, summaries, and anything else that you would use to deliver that lesson and make it exceptional.

The more pages the better, as teachers like to have everything they need and more, in case a certain part of the lesson requires omission or adaptation for their individual class.

Make it generic so that it can be taught in any school located in any city in Canada or the US.


Your first lesson should be a FREE lesson that the teacher can download. If they like your work and feel as if they got something of value, they are more likely to PURCHASE lessons from you in the future,

Always price your lessons lower than you would like to price it. If a lesson is going to take 2 days to teach and is 6 pages long, they are unlikely to pay $10 for it. However, if that lesson is $1.50, they are more likely to consider it.

On the other hand, if it is a month long unit that you have prepared (and is 60 pages long), then $10 would be a bargain.

Note: A preview will be available for other teachers to view once you have uploaded your lesson. automatically generates this preview, however all pages will have the TCT Watermark on them, so teachers must purchase the lesson if they want a version without the TCT watermark.

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