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About TCT

This site started as a goal to connect every teacher around the world, independent of school boards, universities or government oversight. Our mission is to exchange resources created by our colleagues as well as have a network where educators can exchange ideas and thoughts which are free of school board “eyes”. This site is a place to reward each other for all the work we have put into our classrooms and the fantastic lessons we have prepared!

This is the first SOCIAL MARKETPLACE for educators around the world! That means that in addition to purchasing products, you will be able to connect to teachers, conferences, and educational news from anywhere. This will be your one-stop shop for everything educational.

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The variety of teacher created ideas are numerous….lesson plans, unit plans, powerpoint presentations, projects, fun activities. Our colleagues also keep up with the latest rubrics, standardized tests, educational initiatives and more! Keep current and on the forefront of education.

Are you a new teacher who just graduated from University or College? Need to make extra money while you look for a teaching position? Create resources and become a Seller on Teachers Connect Teachers…you will be surprised how much you can earn! At the same time, build up your resources from other teachers so that when you start your job, your free time can be used to help your students, not to create resources which your colleagues have already prepared.

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