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Teacher's Lounge is Coming Soon!!!

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see in the Teacher's Lounge, please click on Contact US and send us your suggestions….after all, TeachersConnectTeachers is designed

"For Teachers, By Teachers"


A few suggestions we are thinking about include…

  • Blogs where Teachers can comment on what they are doing in their classroom, what works and maybe what could be refined so that it works better!
  • Forums where educational issues can be discussed such as The Common Core, Assessment Strategies, Classroom Management, Improving Student Success, Sports for Students
  • Bragging section where you can tell everyone about the wonderful things happening in your classroom and in your school…go ahead, we know you are a proud teacher!!
  • Conference listings and links so you can find your next Professional Development excursion (hopefully a conference in a sunny destination!!)
  • Education News where Teachers can post events and developments in education around the world.


So let us know your thoughts and we will pick the Best Suggestions to put in the

Teacher's Lounge

(We'll even put a Teacher's Dating Section in the site if that's what our Teacher Members ask us to do)

Thanks and have fun in your class every day,

The TeachersConnectTeachers Team